'Plympton School Multicultural Committee

Mexican Fiesta with Mariachi Band: June 8, 2017--save the date and look here for details!

Next MEETING: April 13 at 8:00 a.m. in the LIBRARY--parents AND KIDS are welcome

Resources for immigrants & refugees and those who work with them are here
--see updates on programs for immigrants looking for legal information.

Parents--want to help out? Ideas for being useful are here!

COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT: Be Like Brit collection until April 13

Plympton en Espanol!

2016-2017: Immersion in North America and the Caribbean

This year, Plympton students will be learning about the cultures of North American (Canada, Mexico and the United States) as well as Caribbean cultures/countries (Puerto Rico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, etc.).

Is your family connected to an interesting North American culture? Let Ms. Paradis know in the library and she'll include you in our list of North American experts this year!

Check out sharing by students from North American cultures on our Community Meeting website.
This year we've heard from kids who survived the Haitian earthquake in 2010; Tommy from New Brunswick Canada; Joriel and Katishka from Puerto Rico, Guillermo from Mexico, David and Ada from Seattle, Washington, and Joshua is going to tell us about his Island culture from Trinidad this month! Want to see ALL our North American experts? Look here!

We began our year of study of North American cultures by hearing from our Haitian Fifth Grade Students. They had a lot to share about this country that stopped slavery years before the United States, and we heard about lots of yummy things to eat!

About the Multicultural Committee:

Our Mission Statement: The Plympton School Multicultural Committee is a group of teachers and parents who work together to promote, in a caring and enthusiastic way, the value of diversity in a community that is child-centered. The committee meets in the Plympton Library monthly, and all parents and teachers are welcome to come and share their ideas.

Each year the committee works to immerse our school in the cultures of a specific continent. Students explore the continent through curriculum projects, the arts, community service projects, enrichment programs, and by hearing from the experts in our school and community.

Here is the list of continents/years of study:

  • 2016-2017: North America and the Caribbean

  • 2017-2018: Australia and Oceania

  • 2018-2019: Africa

  • 2020-21: Central and South America

  • 2021-22: Asia

  • 2022-23: Europe

The committee also works to provide support for all our families, especially those families new to our community and English Language Learners. For information about support for ELL families, click here.

Meeting schedule 2016-2017:

(all meetings are held in the Plympton Library at 8:00 a.m. and children are welcome!):

    • October 20November 10December 15January 19February 16March 16April 13May 18June 8 (if needed)

Immersion in North America for 2016-2017:

Information and links here will help teachers and parents to share European cultures with students throughout the school year. Click on the navigation bar on the left side of this page to find out about:
  • Proposed calendar for the coming year
  • Information about North America (maps, list of countries, some major holidays and celebrations)
  • Resources in the community (speakers, local experts, museums, etc.)
  • Community service projects (planning place for a community service project)
  • Enrichment programs (planning place for bringing outside arts programs to Plympton)

If your family has a strong connection to a country, culture (or countries) in North America, let us know! Each month we'll feature students with connections to specific North American cultures. Students can help us create displays for our foyer bulletin board and display cases, and can present to us at our monthly community meetings! See Ms. Paradis in the library to volunteer. To see our monthly "multicultural student" presentations, check our community meeting website here!

Learning About American Culture:

The Multicultural Committee believes it is important for ALL students to understand the values and traditions that unite all Americans. To that end, we plan simple school celebrations and observances for major American holidays that occur during the school year, including Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday, President's Day, Patriot's Day, Memorial Day, and Flag Day.