Countries in North America:

Websites and Databases

The Waltham Public Schools Databases, such as Culture Grams, Grolier, and World Book have excellent information and maps for learning about North American countries; See Ms. Paradis for passwords

Languages of North America and the Caribbean:

Canada: French and English

United States: While the majority of Americans speak English, there is not an officially recognized language in the United States

Mexico: Spanish and English

The Caribbean:

Haiti: French and Haitian Creole

Dominican Republic: Spanish and English

Puerto Rico: Spanish and English


Canada: Boxing Day, Canada Day, Victoria Day and more! (and when is their Thanksgiving?) Read about them here!

Dominican Republic: Carnival, Merengue and Independence Day are all celebrated here. Read about these holidays here!

Haiti: Carnival, Rara and Krik Krak! The Haitians know how to celebrate. Read about their holidays here!

Mexico: Cinco de Mayo is just the beginning of their fiestas! Read about them here!

What else makes North America great? (have more suggestions? tell Ms. Paradis in the Plympton Library!!)


Short videos about lots of Canadia topics for kids

***HAITIAN RECIPES:** This website includes a very detailed history of the origin and evolution of the carnival that is celebrated today


MEXICAN folk tales

United States:

The US for KIDS -- great information about the United States

National Parks