Meeting Agendas

Proposed Agenda for May 11, 2017
  • Mariachi event--serious planning (notes from Ghenya) Confirmed for 6:45pm on June 8th
    Check made out to: Jaime Gomez
  • Spirit day event
  • Secret of Success--publicize at Kindergarten welcome day (June 2)--what do we need to do? -Juliet Najjumba is in, Sharon Duquette, Cindy Sherman (set up meeting)
  • Philharmonic concert
  • Flag Day
  • African idea for 2017-18 (Juliette Najjumba)
  • Thinking about Oceania

Proposed Agenda for April 13, 2017
  • Publicize city-wide immigration law program (see support for ELL families page for details)
  • Be Like Brit wind down--thanks to RTN and Champions; crowdrise and marathon run
  • Something for Spirit Day? Maybe end-of-day performance?
  • Philharmonic concert--publicity?
  • Report of wellness night
  • Mariachi event--June 8: who can help? great plan for parent outreach--Cindy Sherman
  • Secret of school success--who can help? When do we do this?--Juliet Najjumba is in, Sharon Duquette, Cindy Sherman
  • Maureen Taddeo--deep roots in Waltham

Proposed Agenda for March 16, 2017:
  • Be Like Brit Charity Update
  • Outreach to parents
  • Wellness night dancing--Juliette Nujjamba and Ernesto & Johana Rodriguez
  • Mariachi update
  • Students of the month--Guillermo, Joshua and?
  • Parent engagement list
  • Philharmoic concert
  • Secrets of success idea

Proposed Agenda for February 16, 2017:
  • Be Like Brit Charity update
  • Resources for immigrants/refugees
  • Mariachi update
  • Student of the month for February--grade 4?
  • Wellness night in April
  • Parent engagement list
  • Secrets of success idea--can we get that going for spring?
  • Philharmonic concert

Proposed Agenda for January 19, 2017 meeting:
  • Be Like Brit Charity
  • Waltham Cultural Council approved our grant for Mariachi Band --can someone contact Margarita Grande to get contact information and set up some possible dates in May/June to run by Mrs. Taddeo
  • What student should be featured to talk about North America at our Community Meeting in January (31st). Is anyone available to help interview this student? Should it be a fifth grader as they are the featured grade this month
  • Wellness Night is in early April--ideas for connecting wide range of families with this event
  • other outreach/initiatives?

Proposed agenda for December 15, 2016 meeting:
  • English classes--what is up?
  • Juliet Najjumba will be performing/storytelling “Christmas in Africa” with grade 2 (also on 12/15
  • Be Like Brit charity
  • How else to employ our grade 5 helpers?
  • Featured kids at community meeting
  • Mariachi band
  • Multicultural book donation program
  • Anything else coming? Ideas for working more closely with PTO?

Proposed agenda for October 20, 2016 meeting:

  • English classes--when to start
  • Charity: Haitian hurricane
  • Using 5th grade helpers and Multicultural student of the month
  • WCC
  • Update on Waltham Philharmonic
  • Social events--what do we want to plan? connecting with Girl Scouts, Wellness Council, etc.

To do:
Have Eva work with Grade 5 volunteers to research the relief groups working with the hurricane
Organize 5th grade kids and think about how that could work
Maureen get a date for the Mariachi band
Mary Beth Walsh--WFS or Dual Language program might be a better choice

Multicultural Committee: September 22, 2016
In attendance: Trish Umbrell, Margarita Grande, Judi Paradis, Tamar Hanna, Gina DePaoli, Emily Smidt, Melissa Hagan-Alves, Rebecca Carlin

Overview of year:
  • Focus on North America: Judi: telling kids 'everyone is from North America', We have four new students from WAshington State, Brandeis Student will go to all classrooms to interview students tomorrow to see where they are from; Try to honor where kids say they are from; Also kids who are 8 - 9 generations from Waltham - deep roots in the community
  • Social events: note Girl Scout and Wellness Council collaborations; PTO Saturday multi-cultural potluck (could they let staff/teachers know earlier...maybe in the summer time; Trish Umbrell will go). How can we make sure ELL families know about it? Margarita mentioned that there aren't many Spanish-speaking families that attend the events. Teachers can mention the potluck in their classrooms today.
  • Trish: Could we bring in a culturally appropriate entertainment for whole family. Judi asks: possibly for Spring
  • Melissa: getting certification as Zumba instructor: she wants to find out if she can teach an after-school Zumba class for parents/grownups (possibly kids too)
  • Ava: Adrian's Mom has dance company. They do folk dance (mostly South American)
  • Margarita: has an uncle who has a Mariachi band (they are in NJ). Can we figure out a way for him to come to Plympton. Maybe in Spring? Cinco de Mayo?
  • Judi - Mary Coughlin: knows a woman who does "Chicken Art" She is Mexican
  • Melissa - English classes: Will start Thursday evenings (date TBD)
  • Philharmonic
  • American holiday celebrations
  • Read into New Year
  • Judi: Fifth Grade Students to come to the meetings (Read-into -the -new year)
  • Judi - Dia de las muertos...Judi and Gina: Brian and Rosi Amador perform in Boston area;

Need to happen soon (who will help??):
  • Write Cultural Council grant: Due Columbus Day weekend. Judi: Moody Street restaurant that has a Mexican artist that they feature. Have artist come and do something hands-on...?
  • Begin planning for English Classes
  • Begin planning for social event
  • Meet with our student advisory council

Other things that could happen:
  • create additional video tours of Plympton
  • additional outreach to ELL families--including something with a technology focus
  • choosing a charity for fundraising

  • reporting regularly to PTO
  • Getting more parents involved

Meeting dates