Meeting Agendas

Proposed Agenda for October 24, 2017

  • Monthly meeting schedule
  • Election for Puerto Rico Charity: Amy Bustos' friends from Australia said they'll make a video telling the students of Plympton to please donate to Puerto Rico this year.
  • Update on WCC grant
  • Update on Philharmonic
  • Plans to date from subcommittees:
    • Dance party planning: Amy, Gina, Juliette, Melissa
    • ESL connections: Melissa, Juliette
    • Fundraising/Budget: Trish
    • Oceania activities: Emily, Judi, Trish
    • Parent outreach: Catherine, Judi, Juliette, Melissa

Proposed Agenda for Sept. 28, 2017

Thank yous for those participating in Open House Night

WCC grant: Jared Krosoczka

Worker bee subcommittees this year, such as:

  • Oceania activities
  • ESL classes
  • Parent outreach
  • Dance party
What else?

Proposed Agenda for September 5, 2017: