Community Service Project 2017-18: Students voted in November for a cause to support in hurricane victims in Puerto Rico!

Our friends in Australia approve of our plan--watch the video here!

Plympton Kids explain the choices we have in this video.

Here are our choices:

Hurricane Maria Help!
On September 20, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, an island south of Florida that is part of the United States. It was the fifth worst storm to ever hit our country. Thousands of people were affected and continue to have no power or good source of water. People need medicine and food. We are hoping to help them this year!

Money from Plympton students will be sent to the charity we select in the spring. Students will make coin banks in art class and these will come home in February. Students are encouraged to do chores to earn money. Banks should be returned to school by April 18. The group we are supporting is:

  • International Relief Teams: They are sending more than 2,000 large, heavy-duty tarps to help people who have lost their roofs, along with drinking water, canned food, baby formula, and disaster health kits to Puerto Rico.

Community Service Project 2016-17: Be Like Brit--Helping Haitians build homes! Total Collected $1403